Travel is by far the most diverse activity in the world. Every aspect of traveling is unique and requires experience to fully master it. People spend years and years traveling for work or pleasure and can still be caught off guard if they don’t think about how they are traveling.

SO, we have compiled 3 very easy ways for you to travel like a PRO. These simple pieces will offer you more flexibility, convenience and provide you the comfort in your adventures so that you can worry about your destination and not the journey! While there are a ton of little things you can do to increase your travel convenience, these quick tricks will get you off to a great start.

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Enroll in TSA Pre✓®

I cannot stress how useful TSA Pre® is. For those of you who don’t know what this does, it is essentially a “fast pass” for TSA security in the airports. You have to go to a quick 30 minute interview but I have not met anyone that was wrongly denied admittance. @tosrexec is writing an article right now about the benefits of this and how fast you can get from your car to your gate with it.

Keep your belt on, watch on and shoes on. Don’t worry about your laptops or electronics in your bag, Pre® gets you through security in less than 5 minutes, 95% of the time. It is only an $85 fee and actually we are going to be doing a giveaway in July for a free TSA pass! Also, a lot of credit cards and loyalty programs provide free TSA credit! I recommend this more than anything else and I used to refuse its convenience!


Enroll in ALL Rewards Programs as Possible

This step might take you an hour or so to accumulate memberships to all the travel providers you might use. I just did it as I bought rooms, flights, cars, gas etc. and it was easy. The current programs that I am enrolled in:

Wyndham Rewards

Marriott Rewards

IHG Rewards Club

Hilton Honors

National Emerald Club

Enterprise Loyalty

Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

AAdvantage Rewards – American Airlines

Delta SkyMiles

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

Speedway Speedy Rewards

Or you can use a website like Hotel Rewards that provides third-party rewards points for all your traveling, no matter where you go.

The Points Guy recommends SPG, Wyndham and Hyatt for best hotel travel programs of 2018. Personally, I think these hotels are generally more expensive and have less locations for business travel than Marriott or Hilton.

Have the Right Travel Gear

This is an easy out answer, I know, BUT I will outline below the types of products that you need to travel. I won’t give you any brands because those will be separate articles we write eventually, after testing each brand.

Carry-on Luggage

The right carry-on luggage can either make or break a day at the airport. First, you need to make sure that you have hopefully fit everything you need into that little suitcase. Second, you have a checklist of things you CAN’T put in there like liquids over a certain size, grooming utensils, food, batteries, chemicals, animals, people etc etc, you get it. It’s stressful. Currently, I use the TravelPro Platinum Elite Carry-On because it accomplishes everything I need, and fits all my work clothes and boots. I will do a review on this bag at a later date.



A good headphone is also a very underestimated item while traveling. The sad thing is that most people have never had a SUPER nice headphone so they don’t see this as a necessity. I really like headphones that are low-key so my Apple AirPods get quite a bit of use too, but my Bose SoundLink over ear headphones are so crisp I can’t help but use them for my long flights.


I won’t discriminate against people who choose to use backpacks over briefcases, but come on, it’s a little immature right? Maybe I am just used to my father taking briefcases sales meetings when I was younger. But hey, I am a huge proponent of the Samsonite messenger bags. I have been through 2 of them in 5 years, and trust me, I have used the heck out of them. Meanwhile @tosrexec is a bigger fan of the backpack usage.


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