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I know there are hundreds and hundreds of articles like this on the Internet, but there really aren’t a lot of people who have the stress and schedule of an outside sales rep. We don’t always have the luxury of working out when we get done at 5, we might be driving to a whole new city. Not to mention, we have to eat high-sodium dinners, drink 3-5 nights a week, ingest copious amounts of coffee and sit on planes twice a week! All while trying to keep our figure and not have heart attacks?! Don’t worry, the below regimen will have you lighter and more energized than ever.


The TRX belt  is by far the most important piece of equipment that you can purchase to stay fit on the road. You can do all kinds of workouts that do not require any additional products. TRX works by using your body weight to help you tear apart those muscles to rebuild stronger and bigger. This belt fits nicely into a standard carry-on and is easy to install on the hotel doors in your room. They have workouts pre-generated for you, or you can just find some for free online. For only $99, this item is a bargain for road warriors.

Men’s Health Fast Food diet

This Men’s Health feature highlights options for fast food that are healthier than most and is quite frankly the most important link on my phone homepage. The best thing about this article is that it breaks down by meal, or type of meal, what you should eat. So for post-workout it says a chicken dinner from Boston Market offers the best protein to fat trade-off. For breakfast, Panera and Corner Bakery. Eventually, you start to notice the restaurants in this article, and are drawn to them for healthier options.

Hotel Gyms

There’s no doubt that most hotel workout rooms  lack the standard equipment that you get in all normal gyms. But that shouldn’t stop you from being able to crank out some cardio, do some dumbbell bench press and at least a hundred sit ups. There is an awesome article here that gives you several workouts or exercises you can do in your Hilton gym on floor 2. If you can’t make it to the gym, you can always do elevated push ups (50), sit ups (100) and planks ((3) 1 minute turns) in your room.

Gym Membership


There are several gyms that allow you to move between locations simultaneously, LA Fitness, Gold’s Gym and Orange Theory each provide memberships that can be used at different buildings. Although each of these is a great option, my personal preference is Planet Fitness. The Black Membership is only $21.99 and includes tanning, multi-location access and unlimited massage chair and water-bed tokens. Planet Fitness has over 1400 locations and certainly at least one in every major downtown city. They offer fantastic workout machines, seemingly infinite treadmills and bikes and even have a TRX rig.


  1. do you find that the brand name TRX is worth the extra dollar & easy to travel with? i had a knockoff and it fell apart after my third or fourth hotel..

    1. Hey John,

      I caught my TRX on sale through Huckberry on Black Friday for maybe $70 and could not be happier. Absolutely essential in my bag and well worth the money in my opinion. I’ve canceled my gym membership due to my travel schedule so it was easy to justify.

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