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Let me paint you a picture. You’re in your rental car, you have had three meetings this Tuesday morning and are about to head to your fourth. You remember you needed to quote a software upgrade to a customer that you met with but can’t remember who it was. Your mind starts to scramble, as you’re searching through your notes you have a small panic attack that you didn’t ever call back the client you needed to last Friday. Does this ever happen to you? No? You’re lying, this happens to everyone!


Good news! I have a solution for you. This company created a specialized, sales oriented, agenda book that allows you to MASTER your schedule and sales abilities by keeping you organized. The Sales Journal is the best tool for sales people because of all the unique pieces of tracking information you get inside.


At the beginning and end there are a bunch of helpful exercises and quotes that keep you focused. A lot of questions that get to your “Why?” of sales and make sure that you are going to use this book to the best of your abilities.


On each page you have a designated area for you goals, tasks, calls, meetings, schedule etc but you also get an inspirational quote or piece of advice (that actually helps) for each new day! These pages are high quality and work well with any pen you use, this is a big deal for me because I use ink pens rather than ball point and sometimes this rubs off on paper.

The size of the notebook is big enough to fit everything in that you need, but also doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your briefcase, backpack or carry-on. It is, however, too large to fit in your back pocket, which I sometimes like to do on calls.


Personally, my favorite part about this is the back pocket on the last cover. My other notebooks do not have this and this comes in handy. Already, I have stored business cards, cash, boarding passes and receipts in here. Normally, these would get thrown into my backpack or crushed in my pant pockets but this was a huge help!

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