Driving can take a toll on an OSR, especially if you are in traffic in the city or on a long highway interstate. With my territory, sometimes I will drive 5-6 hours a day to a new location and I need to fill that time with something other than calling new clients or listening to Cole Swindell. Podcasts are a great resource to learn about things you simply have no knowledge of, stay current on news or even to hone your skills in business and sales. So here are my 5 favorite podcasts.


1. Planet Money – NPR

Planet Money is usually a 20-30 minute show hosted by several National Public Radio personalities that dives into a new aspect or story about business in each episode. They have shows about finance, world politics, food and even Tips from Spies . My favorite episode of theirs is The Onion King. Plus you can stay relevant on many different markets, economics or industries with their talks.

2. The GaryVee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary V. is an entrepreneur and now CEO of VaynerMedia which includes all kinds of creative marketing experiences and programs for businesses. His episodes are anywhere from 5-60 minutes and always include back story on how he made it to where he is now, as well as tips to help young entrepreneurs create side income. His motivational speeches are amazing and he is always asking listeners to come on shows to talk about their own ideas. My favorite episode is his Dinner with Zuckerberg interview.

3. How I Built This – NPR

Guy Raz hosts this show and I will start by saying, in a totally non weird way, his voice is so calming and easy to listen to. Here he interviews CEOs of companies that most people are familiar with or have products from. They are about an hour long, so a couple of these and you can drive from DC to New York no problem. The interviewees range from Clif Bar founder, Mark Cuban, Airbnb founder and my favorite episodes with the founders of Patagonia or Toms shoes.

4. Mad Money with Jim Cramer – CNBC’s personality Jim Cramer

I hesitated to put this all the way at fourth because I listen to it every single day, but I know that I am more Finance interested than others. Cramer’s episodes are about 45 minutes long and basically go over the day in financial markets. He reviews the indexes, gains and losses and sometimes in depth chart analysis. He is wildly enthusiastic and his show really does make you want to invest your hard earned money. Aside from that, he interviews CEOs of large cap companies like Boeing, Dominoes, Apple and Children’s Place. Again these are daily podcasts so it is difficult to point you to a favorite episode, but every 4 weeks or so he will post a rerun of his “Basics of Investing” and highlight ways to start investing while explaining what it all means.

5. Brutal Truth About Sales – Brian Burns

This is my favorite sales related podcast for sure. Brian is a genius when it comes to B2B selling and the use of social media. He does come off slightly braggadocios but hey, who isn’t that is a successful salesperson. He features a lot of other entrepreneurs and salespeople, and will analyze questions from listeners together. The tips he provides for helping sell in difficult situations are unparalleled for younger consultants. My favorite episode is about The Future of Sales and How to Prepare for It.

These should give you a head start on your listening and help you stay awake or prepared on those long drives. Let me know if you find any new podcasts that I haven’t listened to!


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