Welcome Our First Writer: TOSR_Exec Introduction

I’ll start by adding my best piece of sales advice to you is never count yourself out of a deal. Hey All, I am proud to join TOSR as an additional voice and perspective about life on the road. I am a career outside sales rep with experience across three industries, including software, consumer products and […]

Use Financing to Close Deals, like Climbing a Mountain One Camp At A Time – And How to Sell It

This past week I was in Portland and Eugene, Oregon visiting clients. While I was there, I was captivated by Mt. Hood, the tallest mountain and peak in the state of Oregon. I have been to these cities plenty of times before, but I have never been there under good weather. I was amazed. The […]

The Best Airports to Fly Into, Out of, and Through

Airports are a very dichotomous subject for most travelers. On one hand, you have people who absolutely loathe everything about the airports. The check in process takes too long, the baggage is ALWAYS late, they get stuck between two people having a conversation about their grandkids on the plane, nothing goes their way. On the […]